Open quickly the various system panels of  Windows 10


CBX_Manager V1.1 by Cristoforo Bonissone - Italy

The Control Panel is at the heart of Windows, providing one-click access
to numerous configuration settings that allow you to customize the Windows
environment and behavior. While it is rather easy to browse its dashboard
to find what you are looking for, having shortcuts for frequently used areas
is even easier. CBX Manager was designed having that in mind.
The CBX Manager package includes shortcuts to Control Panel
settings that are accessed more often than others. For your convenience,
you can place them anywhere you like to quickly go to
the Control Panel area you need. For instance, it would be extremely
easy to pin such shortcuts to the start menu or the taskbar in Windows 10.
The names of the shortcuts are pretty suggestive so it is easy
to figure out what area of the Control Panel is assigned to each.
However, the Readme file that accompanies them clearly reveals
all the shortcuts and, of course, you can simply open them to see
what Control Panel they point to.
The CBX Manager provides one-click access
to the Audio Control Panel, the Certifications Control Panel,
the Device Manager, the Disk Manager, the Firewall Control Center,
the HyperV Management tool and the network controller.
Additionally, CBX Manager also comes with a shortcut to
open the Programs and Features area of the Control Panel,
where you can easily uninstall applications.
Tanks to: Softpedia, MajorGeeks