The MSWin Free Apps District - Free Apps Collector (Web Page Link) For MS Windows - Ver. 1.2

Cristoforo Bonissone

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 The amount of software available these days, and the different fields and applications it serves, is quite mind-boggling.
Having the patience and inspiration to find the right apps for your particular requirements can be a challenge in itself.
Among the veritable pool of apps out there, there are standouts that made a reputation as being a staple by today’s standards.
How about having quick access to a selection of such apps, targeting various purposes, all from within a single, centralized platform?
This is exactly what Free Apps District will provide you with.
The application carries a simple, basic design, which is fine by all standards, as its intended scope and purpose are those of a straightforward presentation and access.

The choice of apps in the collection seems more than adequate for addressing a range of potential uses.
Simply clicking on the preferred one will open a dedicated tab in your default Internet browser, targeting the official site featuring the download for the respective software. Neat.
This certainly saves a lot of time when trying to google things.
While I really enjoyed the fact that Free Apps District features such a simple and straightforward access for each of the selected apps, I really craved a classification or some structure for the selection of apps in the collection.
I believe that this would improve things, both in terms of access, as well as subsequent selection process.

The choice and selection of general-purpose software presented in the collection of this app is quite useful.
Having so quick access to the official download websites for multiple apps can greatly help when wanting to find a particular app for a certain task, more efficiently.

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