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Cris Bonis Italy
Cris Bonis Italy

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MS Windows Health
That scan and replace corrupted MS Windows system files and DLL

EightGigabyte Benchmark
8 GB RAM to NVME direct access Benchmark

This Not A UFO
Check your new PC monitor with this 'eventful' utility

RAM & NVME/SSD Fastest Diagnostic
RAM & NVME/SSD Fastest Diagnostic is the fastest error verification tool for MS Windows

MSWin Txt2PDF Converter
MSWin Txt2PDF allows you easy to turn txt into PDF document

PDF SqueezE
This compressor designed for repack the PDF and tries to compress it even more

TwinS Fast Verifier
No longer supported

Size4kWite write 4Kb files without buffer. random data in Multi-threading.

Benchmark + stress CPU, GPU and RAM and SSD/NVME with data verification

No longer supported, replaced with 'RAM & SSD/NVME Diagnostic'

Drive Write Checker
No longer supported, replaced with 'RAM & SSD / NVME Diagnostic'

My Internet IP
Viewer of  your public ip without any browser

Shown and save your system  information. Like MS Windows serial

No longer supported

Zero DBV Tones
Generate three audio signals with different frequencies at 0 dBV

CBX Manager
No longer supported

No longer supported

Mini HD Audio 16 Bit Recorder
Audio recordings with UHD audio engine multi-threading UHD stream

PDF Task Killer
No longer supported

Visual Ckeck 2022 Diagnostic for Behringer
A visual diagnostic for Behringer Digital Mixer (LAN & MS Windows requiried)

Simple Big Clock
All those situations where it is useful to have a full-screen clock