mini hd audio 16 bit recorder

Mini HD Audio 16 Bit Recorder for DirectSound
The best outstanding HQ 16 bit engine HD recorder ever for DirecSound


Mini HD Audio 16 Bit Recorder V2.6 for DirectSound
by Cristoforo Bonissone  permits to recording at 44.100 - 48.000 - 88.200
and 96.00 KHz. The particularitity of this audio engine is in the new
conception of the  algorithm that capture the incoming data,
it engine permits the best quality that the 16 bit allows today
thank to the new method of scanning  the audio input
(the math core is made by pure inline assembler) 
(HQ Recording Tool)

Unfortunately some sound cards integrated on the motherboard are
not compatible with the complexity of this sound engine. Sorry


Tuesday 2 June
*** V1.1 - Published

Wednesday 3 June
*** V1.2 - Various Fix +
Makes save the recording when press stop button.

Wednesday 3 June
*** V1.3 - Various Fix +
Add a blink recording field during recording.

Thursday 4 June
*** V1.4 - Various Fix +
Added a timer into a blink recording field.

Friday 5 June
*** V1.5 - Various Fix +
Fixed the correct time in secs.

Saturday 6 June
*** V1.6 - Various Fix +
Increased the resolution of audio capturing, the loop is 5 time more fast now
Added FFT code for graphics visualization of the captured audio

Monday 8 June
*** V1.7 - Various Fix +
Added a custom audio player (MCI) for the recorded audio

Tuesday 9 June
*** V1.8 - Various Fix +
Added a visual red VU LED for R & L Channels

Wednesday 24 June
*** V1.9 - Various Fix +
Revised the visual red VU LED for R & L Channels +
increased the bit reading routine with new ASM Inline code.

Wednesday 1 July
*** V2.0 - Various Fix +
Revised the visual VU LED (magnified) +
add a preview play of recorded stuff

Sunday 12 July 2020
*** V2.1 - Various Fix +
Increased the Thread Priority of audio capturing loop

Thursday 16 July 2020
*** V2.5 - Various Fix +
Improved the dithering algorithm for the 16 bits
Improved the refresh speed of the green LEDs
Doubled the size of channel for the transit of bit's to the recording bus

Sunday 19 July 2020
*** V2.6 - Various Fix +
Improved audio buffer size (doubled)
Improved the dithering algorithm for the 16 bits
Eliminated the green LEDs for regain all disponible
time for give it at the improved dithering algorithm

Cristoforo Bonissone