S I X T E S S U R E  V4.6
System  Stability  Benchmark


Sixtessure V4.6 - Cris Bonis Italy - November 2021

This is a system stress application with a Benchmark section,
Sixtessure stress the CPU, the 2D graphics, the RAM memory
and the disk drive R/W latency. (EG IOPing).

Sixtessure is optimized to undermine your P.C.,
if your system survives the six cycles of Sixtessure,
means that your PC is enough stable.
All memory routine and disk routine are equipped
with a verification data's both in reading and in writing (R/W).

The Mandelbrot code stress the CPU and the graphic card.

Another branch of code generates prime numbers,
then these numbers are writes to the disk drive, then they
are read and verified for check the system stabilty.

Has been added a AES Enconder/Decoder code
with a big text strings, this procedure is used to stressing
the RAM, the encoding and decondig are verified.

Has been added of an database big sort
for stress the memory and the disk drive.

Has been added one efficient algorithm that generating
and verify the Fibonacci sequence.

Starting from V4.6 of Sixtessure, has been added a
MD5 Fingerprint with data verify to further stress
the CPU (128 bits)

All of this, has been designed and split into six
stand-alone modular executables, which are driven by the
main program (Sixtessure) to make Sixture approch similar
to a real multitasking task.

All the computer operations have a verification check,
excluding the code of manages the Mandelbrot routine.

many overclocked computers fail the test,
if they are not 'rock stable'.

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Cristoforo Bonissone