S4KW  V2.08
4 KB Drive Benchmark

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Size4KWrite V2.08 - Cris Bonis Italy - February 2022

This application writes to the drive, without buffer, many files
with 4 KiB (File Size) random data with 16 threads
and 32 queues, then calculate the MB/s based on the
milliseconds used to finish all the operations.

For this Benchmark the drive speed is the goal.
The power of your CPU will not have effect
(or very small) on the final speed obtained.

Copy whole folder of Size4KWrite to the drive under test.
Close the Size4KWrite folder after running the application
and before clicking START.
The multi-threading code used in this application
does not provide for any possibility of exit.
The computer may appear to be blocked
during I/O operations, this is due to the high
number of operations performed simultaneously.
It is recommended that you
do nothing during the test.
It is recommended that you close any
applications while testing.
It is recommended that you close any
documents or folders during the test.

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Cristoforo Bonissone